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We invest in research that builds evidence of what works most effectively to save lives
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Protect The Most Vulnerable When Crises Occur
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Support Innovative Efforts That Address Knowledge Gaps in the humanitarian system.
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Our Vision

An empowered and resilient society where communities effectively collaborate and invest based on viable knowledge.

Our Mission

To engage in action-oriented research to support the effective use of co-produced weather and climate information and services in an anticipatory approach for disaster risk reduction, management and resilience building.

Key Services

Evidence-based public policy advocacy
We build evidence on the importance of climate science to informing timely funding of early action.
We implement emerging technologies such as block chain when it comes to implementation of findings.
Training and capacity development
We train individuals and organizations in first aid and emergence responses.
Research, evidence and knowledge generation on climate change
Climate information, can help to prepare for climate-related disasters.

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