ICHA’s Climate Unit supported a four-day workshop at the ICPAC headquarters in Nairobi under the CONFER project with Norwegian Capacity (NORCAP) ‘s support. The workshop was themed: Synergy Building in Weather and Climate: ‘Partnership Between National Meteorological and Hydrological Services (NMHSs), Policy Makers, Humanitarian, Private Sector and Media.’ It was held from 5th to 8th December 2022.

CONFER is a multi-national collaboration to bolster resilience to climate impacts and reduce disaster risk in East Africa. The project’s main goal is to co-develop dedicated climate services for the water, energy, and food security sectors with stakeholders and end-users, to enhance their ability to plan for and adapt to seasonal climate fluctuations.

The invited stakeholders were key institutions in climate information from Tanzania and Kenya, i.e., Kenya Meteorological Department, Tanzania Meteorological Agency, and media stations from both Tanzania and Kenya.

It sought to bring together and harness the support of various stakeholders in weather and climate with a specific emphasis on those in climate-induced hazards and disaster risk reduction (droughts and other hazards). The participants examined how stakeholders can use tools such as East Africa Hazards Watch (EAHW) and East Africa Drought Watch (EADW) to make or support decision-making processes around weather and climate issues.

‘Impact-based forecast with a coproduction of climate services will solve Billions of monies used to respond to hazards only if actionable approaches are used’ -Mirriamlisa from Tanzania

Zachary Misiani, a climate scientist at ICHA, facilitated under the topic: ‘Disaster Preparedness and Response through Early warning for Early Actions & Anticipatory Action-AA.’