Stakeholder Workshop on Advancement of Impact-Based Forecast and Early Warning Systems for Kenya

Kenya is a country that suffers significant consequences as a result of severe weather events such as heavy rainfall, prolonged droughts, and frequent thunderstorms. Flooding, drought, damage to livelihoods, property destruction, and, sadly, loss of life are all consequences of these weather conditions.
The UKMet Office in collaboration with the KMD organized a workshop to operationalize Impact Based Forecasts (IBF) and early warning initiatives to improve weather forecast service delivery. This workshop titled: Stakeholder Engagement for the Advancement of Impact Based Forecast and Early Warning System for Kenya started on Tuesday, 7th to Thursday, 9th Feb 2023 in Nairobi. Impact-based Forecasting (IBF) aims to move the focus from simply what the weather will be, to what the weather will do, providing the information needed to act before disasters occur to help minimize the socio-economic costs of weather and climate hazards.
The workshop’s main agenda was to share and interact with various stakeholders in order to understand customer and user requirements, as well as typical impacts that various sectors face as a result of weather events.
The ICHA climate team is participating in order to be empowered to make critical decisions that will allow KRCS resources and supplies to be placed ahead of the likelihood of weather and climate-related hazards, to take early action, and to respond as soon as it is safe to do so.