DIGID Advocacy Session

An advocacy session was conducted at the Kenya Red Cross Society (KRCS) headquarters under the Dignified Identities (DIGID) project on 27th January 2023. The session which was themed ‘Advancing the role of DIGID towards inclusivity in the humanitarian field’ brought together various stakeholders to discuss the gaps in DIGID solutions from the pilots that were conducted in Mathare Slums (in the context of cash) and in Kalobeyei-Kakuma region (in the context of health).


The stakeholders including delegates from the Ministry of Information, Communications and Digital Economy, the KRCS policy and innovations team, the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) staff, representatives from the Department of Refugee Services, Danish Red Cross, Norwegian Red Cross, Inter-Soft, and Gravity discussed the gaps of DIGID solutions in addressing humanitarian Challenges. They also explored areas of technical and financial partnerships on DIGID. The team also discussed ways to advocate for the acceptability of humanitarian digital solutions to aid humanitarian assistance. They also analyzed ways of engaging different government institutions to adopt DIGID and enable high levels of dignity during humanitarian aid assistance to refugees and host communities.


The Dignified Identity in Cash Assistance (DIGID) project started in 2018 and the first phase was piloted in Kenya as part of cash assistance during Covid-19 targeting vulnerable populations without any form of identification. DIGID is governed by a consortium composed of the Norwegian Red Cross, Norwegian Refugee Council, Norwegian Church Aid, and Save the Children Norway, and funded by Innovation Norway. These humanitarian organizations have come together to address challenges related to the identification of these populations. The consortium aims to ensure that People with no official IDs are assisted.