Do-it-Yourself and 3D modeling for Students

Kenya Red Cross Society’s Innovation unit hosted a Do-it-Yourself (DIY), 3D modeling and printing workshop at the I.O.Me 001 Hub on 29th October 2022 to recognize and upgrade students’ innovation and creativity. The session targeted young students of 9-14yrs of age in Mombasa County.

The Discovery Space Program, under which these workshops and sessions happen, is critical to building creativity and motivating the upcoming generation to embrace STEM(Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics).

The activity had a total of 30 participants, where 22 were students and eight were parents and patrons from the selected AFDS schools in Mombasa County, including Mbaraki girls primary School, Consolata Primary School, and Shimo la Tewa Primary.

The participants were divided into groups and taken through the steps of 3D Modelling as a prototyping skill. Later on, the participants were taken through two sessions of the DIY, where the students made creative pieces of what they learned during the AFDS sessions in schools. The DIY practicals revolved around the solar system and the science of flight.
The students were able to make models of rockets and the solar system through the DIY session.
The KRCS Staff, patrons, and parents also shared insights on sustaining the students’ creativity and encouraging them to pursue more STEM-based programs.

Besides inspiring the young generation into creativity and innovation in STEM-based programs, the program aims to grow their interest in STEM-Based gadgets, which is ultimately meant to spike their entrepreneurial spirits